Continue to be charged for devices I never received

In August of 2021, I attempted to purchase two devices on my account (Dale ****, main phone number ****).

The order number and location are as follows: #: ****; location E24700.

Part of this order included two new device payment plans:

  • An Ipad with the follow device payment agreement number: # ****  
  • An Iphone with the following device payment agreement number: # ****

This order was canceled because the store I attempted to pick up the items from was closed. 

However, despite not receiving these items, I continue to be charged for them

I should also note that the second device payment agreement is now under a separate account when the line was transferred to a new account (Isaiah ****, main phone number (****). 

I have worked with customer service on 3 occasions over the past 6 months to have these device payment agreements canceled and my money already paid refunded. Despite the mulitple assurances of a cancelation and refund in the next billing cycles, I continue to be charge for them, amounting to hundreds of dollars I have now lost. For the record, the latest chat ID I've had with customer service was as follows: 15fd3473-8ec8-4613-9fa0-4b8ce6feb462.

Please cancel the device service agreements on both of the two accounts and refund the money already paid. 

Re: Continue to be charged for devices I never received
Customer Service Rep

Hello tim32211, we've sent you a Private Note to better assist. ~Baldo