Could not pick up my online order

I ordered a new phone online and chose the ship to store and pick up option. I chose the only Verizon location within 40 minutes of where I live. I received an email notification that my phone was ready to pick up (at my chosen location). I went to the store and it was closed (had the metal doors closed behind the glass ones). The hours listed on the door itself, on Google, on their phone answering service, and on the email THEY sent me, all said the store was open 12-5 on Sundays. I left a review on Google right away and the owner of the store answered saying "sorry" but mentioned nothing about the store's correct hours or if it was still in operation. I then returned the following day (Monday). Same thing. The store was closed. Another customer was in the parking lot and shared with me that I needed to make an appointment. I downloaded the app and made an appointment for my location. Received an email confirming my appt. Showed up and checked in for the appt using the app. Once checked in, I received a notice that "someone would be with me shortly". I waited a half hour and no one ever came outside. The metal doors behind the glass remained shut. Many other potential customers drove up and then left during the time I was there. I called the store itself and got no answer. I called Verzion main number and waited on hold. Finally connected and was asked to go knock on the door. CLEARLY no one was there. There was even a FedEx shipment notice stuck to the door that said "sorry we missed you". No one had been there all day. The Verizon agent then asked me to go to the business next to Verizon to ask if they knew what happened to this Verizon location. The agent never solved the mystery and I never got a phone. Had to cancel my purchase. No other Verizon stores near me had the phone I wanted so I will buy from Apple instead. It is outrageous that multiple online systems allowed me to order, purchase, and set an appointment for a location that is clearly closed. It is also ridiculous that the owner did not mention in his reply to my review that the store was permanently closed. I took off work Monday morning to go and then again for when I made the appointment. I can't believe that after sharing this story with the Verizon agent on the phone that the problem was not rectified. I am so disappointed in the customer service that I received (or didn't receive).