Coverage in Lake Wylie, SC is Horrendous!!
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Cellular coverage in the Lake Wylie, SC area is absolutely horrendous.  I'm sick and tired of dropped calls, calls that don't go through and text messages that fail.  I'm paying way too much money for such terrible service.  That has been going on for years and every year, things just get worse.  I used to have 4G coverage around this area and now I'm lucky to show 1X coverage.  This isn't an issue with my phone.  My Wife's phone and my friends phones have the same issue.  I can't drive down New Hope then Pole Branch Road without problems with calls dropping or voice cutting out.  I can barely even browse the internet when near the lowe's publix area in Lake Wylie now.  When on 3G, I might as well have no coverage.  Coverage at my house is nonexistent!

Please respond as to why we are having so many issues in Lake Wylie, SC and what you are going to do to resolve these problems.

Thank you,

Kevin Russell

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Kphone375, I apologize for this inconvenience you are having with signal in your area. We value your loyalty and business here with us, let's work on getting signal back to normal in this area. Does service improve when you visit other areas? Have we completed an investigation with our network team recently?

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I know this is a few years later.  But just wanted to give feedback on my recent call to Verizon about this.  I moved in a couple of years ago and coverage wasn’t great.  I could get 1-2 bars in most of the house but I’d cut out or drop calls in other parts.  Recently I was told that if you called Verizon and went through their process you could “borrow” a 4G network extender.  Here’s how this played out with me.  All told I spent about an hour on the phone working through the system.  I spent about 40 minutes with the first line person.  We worked through several things and I was given the recommendation to use wi-fi calling when I was home.  When I was on the phone with them we couldn’t get it  to work.  So the first line person sent me to the second line support who tried several things and checked my address and confirmed that Verizon has “marginal” (their word, not mine) coverage in this area since they started reconfiguring the network to eliminate older CDMA service.  After working through the process with Verizon they agreed that I was eligible for to “borrow” a network extender at no charge.  No length of time was specified for the loan.  Maybe it’s until they improve the coverage here?????  Also, I’ve had some success using wi-fi calling after I did some more research.  The trick to get the phone use use wi-fi calling when I’m home is to disable cellular service so it goes out over the wi-fi.  Seems that even with one bar the phone would ignore the stronger wifi signal.    We’re still looking forward to getting the extender and trying it out.  When I use wi-fi calling I sometimes miss calls.  The phone never rings and I only know the person called if they leave a voicemail or text me that they tried to call me and I call them back.  Hoping the extender works and I can stop using wi-fi calling.  It’s OK in a pinch but it’s not 100%.  Still needs some work.

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Thank you for the info. Just moved to Lake Wylie and our service is terrible! I ended up getting a Google phone number as a work around since Wi-Fi calling never works for me. I'll have to give Verizon a call and see what they can do. 

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