Coverage in Rhode Island
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Hello, I would love to report a significant and steady decline in cell coverage over East Greenwich, Rhode Island. It has progressively gotten worse and worse every year now resulting to the point where i drop calls at my house…. this never ever used to happen. i used to get full cell coverage no data loss or lag and now the internet (5g) takes forever to load and calls are constantly being dropped. I know it’s a Verizon issue and there are countless customers effected by this. It is progressively getting worse and worse. 

Re: Coverage in Rhode Island
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Having a reliable connection is important, and we are here to help. Have you reached out to us to perform troubleshooting, and to submit a ticket for the issue? If not, I would definitely recommend doing so, as this will allow is to narrow down the cause of the issue, and to also have our technicians look into it as well, if needed. *Alfredo