Coverage is TERRIBLE and getting worse

I am in 30251 zip code are, this is a RURAL area and not many carriers work here I have has service along with 8 family members in the area, we all used to have decent coverage 2-3 bars sometimes even 4. We have been experiencing less and less coverage over the last 2 years, constantly calling about the problem, resetting devices, buying new devices ect. I even bought internet for work through verizon, but even that is depleated over time. What is the deal with the service getting worse. Verizon is NOT cheap to use. Are there any plans to fix the issue, I know MANY MANY people in the area that use verizon so I know it's not lack of users out here. I even had a land owner I konw offer Verizon to add a tower here. Can anyone help on this is this area? #badservice #verizonbadservice

Re: Coverage is TERRIBLE and getting worse
Customer Service Rep

We want to be sure to provide the best signal to the most people at all times, amyjoy10. It concerns us to hear about your service experience. We will be sending a private note so that we can gather more details.