Coverage issues

Have been a Verizon customer forever. We have noticed since we have upgraded phones these past two years (a 12 pro and 13) and the induction of 5G,  The service has basically gone downhill. We only have good service if outside. And forget using any internet if needed. If we go to a restaurant and have to scan a code for a menu, we have to get someone else with another carrier to do it. If we need to search up hours of a business we are headed to. We have to do it from home before we leave. There is no surfing the internet for anything. I used to be able to call my child from a store but see the call failed every time. We travel for work between states. So reliability is a big deal.  Verizion used to be the best with coverage. Im finding more and more people with T-Mobile and AT&T have better coverage as of late. Even Mint is better. Is it going to get any better?????

Re: Coverage issues
Customer Service Rep

Hello chbyers3, thank you for contacting us. We're concerned to learn about your service issues, and we'd love to help. We've sent you a private note to better assist.