Covered by the Covid-19 protection plan or not?
I am a costumer that has been financially affected by Covid-19. I filled the form and saw the page that confirmed to me that I am covered and will not be billed nor have my service terminated until the 30th. “Once you have submitted your hardship form, your account will be protected from late fees and service termination through June 30, 2020. There's no need to contact us to confirm receipt of your form, your account will be updated accordingly.”

Yesterday my service was terminated. I paid 2/3 of my bill, and service was still not restored. Today I tried to contact Verizon and through messaging the automated response clerk, I was told I was not covered by the covid-19 financial plan. I resubmitted the form and my service is still not restored. I’m very confused by this turn of events, so I made an account and looking for help in the forums. 
Re: Covered by the Covid-19 protection plan or not?
Customer Service Rep

Duffy3, we want to help make sure that you can get the help you need with your account. So we can help work on this, please send us a Private Note. JoseL_VZW