Covid-19 effect on all of us = terrible Verizon's "help" during this = terrible even more
  • Hope everyone is staying safe out there.
  •  This post will likely prove to be a pointless waste of time and money (data), but Verizon and their representatives have wasted much more of my time and money over the last couple of months, so I might as well give this a try.


  • Thankfully, my job is one deemed essential and I have continued to put in 50+ hours of work every week. Unfortunately for me though, I start driving to my job at 7am and dont get back home until 7pm. And as soon as I am home my son gets all of my attention for atleast a couple of hours. Dinner, play, bath, read to him, etc. Basically, Monday-Friday and often Saturdays as well, the only time i have to use my phone is  on my break or lunch at work. Or maybe for an hour after my son goes to sleep. When I am on my phone i play 3 games. Golf, pool, poker. After Verizon talked me into switching to the $50 plan, I have had the 16gb data plus the 15gb verizon gifted us for "help" through this crisis. Over 30gb data a month when I am in an area that offers full coverage, and i have always had 3 plus bars of service. I'm set, right? Wrong. Over the last couple of months my service has been this: 3g with 4 bars for 5 minutes, and then randomly go to 1g with 2 bars for the next 5 minutes. And just continue to alternate back in forth as if it that is what connection is supposed to do.
  • No, i wouldn't be driving and hit a dead zone. This happens whether I am sitting still or moving.
  • Yes, ive tried *228 option 2 plenty of times
  • Yes, ive reset network options plenty of times as well
  • No, it is definitely not my phone as I have had 7 new phones (3 different models) in the last 60 days. Not exaggerating, Verizon can verify this.
  • 7 new phones in 2 months you ask? Yes, ontop of my slight anger issues, Verizon has continued to prove to be ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AT ALL. Not only have i still not been provided the 15gb data verizon promises me everytime I have to listen to the stupid automated message in every time consuming attempt to reach a representative, but in the last month alone i have spent at the very minimum 25 of my entire breaks/lunchs at work, on the phone with a different Verizon representative, trying to find a solution to this issue, AND STILL HAVENT GOT ANY HELP AT ALL!!
  • Yes, I've tried Verizon's online chat with a representative, a few times. But with my connection constantly going in and out that has proved to be pointless.
  • I have been a Verizon prepaid customer for 8 years straight. Every month. I have spent thousands on phones and cards over the years. My anger used to be a lot worse. One time, after informing a  Verizon representative step by step what they needed to do as they had no idea how to activate a new device on an existing number, the representative took it upon themselves to count how many device changes I had in the 12 months prior. 37. None were upgrades. 37 phones that i bought brand new from dollar general or Walmart for anywhere between $30-120. And that was just that year. Now I'm wasting money with Verizon in other ways. As I have never been one to spend money on online games. But now all of a sudden I have to if I want to play the games i like because when i am in a golf or pool match, it is a 50/50 chance that it will get disconnected which makes me forfeit. 
  • I have been a beyond loyal customer to you Verizon. And I'm not one that likes to complain. But you are seriously letting me down right now. As here I am wasting more time and money with you. As this just took me an hour to type up on my phone. When it is Memorial Day and i just missed the parade my Dad was in with his fellow veterans.
  • But here i am, wondering where all of them Verizon people that "follow you everywhere" in the commercials are, so I can pick 30 of them out, give each my information, and explain the issues and what the last representative told me to do which didn't help.
  • In hopes that just 1 of them, somebody, ANYBODY, will prove to be beneficial to talk to, and in return not be just another waste of time and money..


Really have no idea how i typed all of that up, being as mad as I am, and still did not break this phone 🙂 Haha. Progress for sure!!!! Yay me

Re: Covid-19 effect on all of us = terrible Verizon's "help" during this = terrible even more
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What is that itself was also way too ran-on. Not going to try on mobile.

Your 15GB is running in the background and is good till end of May. This data is used first before it touches any data you are paying for.

Second, you're not the only person on the network. With more people at home, you get to experience the congestion that comes with it. No carrier can decide which customer is allowed to use data and who isn't. It's first come first serve.