Customer Care Contact Number

Has anybody else had an issue reaching Customer Care phone number 800-922-0204?  I've called several times this morning and I get the message that the center is closed.  However, when I chatted with someone prior, they told me they are open at 8 AM Eastern.  Now I was calling around 10 AM Eastern.  I was able to get in contact by putting in a call request, only to be encouraged to go back to chat.  Does Verizon not believe is actually making it easy to talk to someone in person versus over chat?  This is just so inhuman to me.  Verizon customer service has gone down hill quickly and just want to hide behind a keyboard instead of having human interaction with their customers.  Company is way to dependent on technology when it comes to assisting their customers.


And to note, needed to talk with Financial Service Team @ 866-266-1445, they said they were closed as well.  Chat Representative said they were open from 8 AM ET.

Re: Customer Care Contact Number
Customer Service Rep

Hello there mcguirej38 and thank you for reaching out to us today. We are concerned to learn that you have had this experience with us and we are here to help. We pride ourselves on offering multiple avenues for you to use to reach out to us for assistance as we understand that different people have different needs. It is concerning to learn that your experience happened this way but we want to help turn this around for you. What had you calling in to us over the phone?-Candice