Customer Complaint....21 Days and Counting Verizon still has not resolved the issue and
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In the 21 days in counting, I have been lied to, rudely treated, ignored and the list goes on by Verizon employees for an issue that is THEIR FAULT and cannot or doesn't care enough to resolve. Meanwhile, I still have a malfunctioning phone after 3 separate Corporate complaints (2 to Manon Brouillette and 1 to Matthew D. Ellis)to their executive leadership team.  I even posted on here my dilemma hoping to finally get the issue resolved, which you can read about in the link ( Correct Answer: Customer Complaint - Does Verizon Really Care Abou... - Verizon Community) but that hasn't helped. If anything it has only grown worse.  On  On Monday, I received two calls and voicemails from Rodney at the executive office but was unable to call him back due to Verizon's weak signal coverage in the area I work. I did him back and left a voicemail after his normal hours and came home and sent him an in-depth email explaining my problem. On Tuesday I called multiple times but was only able to leave one voicemail due to his mailbox is now full. On the 19th I sent another email after a day full of multiple calls, with no answer, and unable to leave him a voicemail. Today, I called him starting at 7 am every hour and sometimes twice an hour until after 4 pm with no answer. So far I have spent at least 6 or 7 hours on the phone, time and gas wasted driving all over town, and now I am taking tomorrow off work to go file a complaint with the BBB and whatever else I can do to let future customers know what they are getting with Verizon. But hey, their billing department works great.....My autopay went through and I received an email thanking me for my payment....

Re: Customer Complaint....21 Days and Counting Verizon still has not resolved the issue and
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ThomasR51, we apologize that you were never able to speak with our Executive team, and rest assured you've come to the right place to have this lifted back up for you. Please be on the lookout for a Private Note to further discuss this. Thank you for your time.