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This is just a suggestion to Verizon to help eliminate/reduce the same problem that I had when porting a phone number from another carrier. I switched from AT&T yesterday and wanted to keep my same number. When it was complete, I had issues of incoming and outgoing calls going to different phones from the different carriers. This also happened between texts with the incoming and outgoing texts. This past day has been very hectic as I had to hold conversations between two phones to get this resolved with the group. So, as an Engineer myself and the nature to fix problems and prevent from happening again. The problem was when my phone tried to port over, my phone number's records for account number and PIN number did not match. This was all internal from what I knew what was going on behind the scenes. So, to prevent this from happening again in the future, I would suggest a better method to acquire accurate data for porting over numbers. At the very least, at the point of sale potentially having the sales person verify and validate the correct account number and pin number from a customer and providing the proper information to port numbers with no problems. This would make the experience much better as I have wasted an entire day through the process and the headache of two phones during the process. Better to handle on the front end rather than the back end. Please update procedures, etc. Thanks, Craig
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We want to thank you for choosing Verizon, craig70047. 

The last thing we want is for the port process to be stressful for you. The process normally runs rather smoothly as long as we have the correct port information.

Check the section that reads

  1. What information will I need to provide when porting my number?


    Our Guide to Porting Your Number to Verizon also explains why you will need to have access to both phones during the port process



    We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. 




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So the representative just guessed at your account number and pin? They didn't even ask you for the information?

When they ported mine, I had to provide my account number and PIN. The representative was also very adamant that I give them the right information or it would fail.