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Good afternoon, 

I am so so very upset with Verizon's customer care!  I only wanted to upgrade my phones (2) today. The rep advised me that I  needed to pay the balance of my old phones off ($29.64 X 2  phones) no problem. I opened my app only to find I only owed 29.64 for one phone, I agreed to pay that and then he tells me I need to pay a different balance $329.???  by now I was confused. There was a slight language barrier (heavy accent) but I could understand enough to know he did not understand what I was asking. I requested a supervisor or someone else after 1 hour going back and forth, he refused to transfer call, I politely requested someone else 10 or more times and still nothing!!!!! I was so mad and hurt! I have been with Verizon 20 years, with 6 lines ( family shared lines) I got NO resect!! NO resolve!!!! I'm leaving after 20 years, I sure I will save money but that has never been the issues for me, but .......... after the customer service I had today, I would not recommend a dog to Verizon!   

I don't expect any better care here,  in the complaints department, but i am going to social media so the people will know and can make better decisions before choosing Verizon.

20 years wasted with a company who cares less about consumer!!!

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Hello kristine7331. We're truly sorry to learn that you've had such a negative experience with our customer service team. Please send us a Private Note if you are still in need of assistance. We'll do all we can to help.