Customer Service Doesn't Live Here!!!

Where do I begin? I've been with this company for more years than I care to admit. Almost 2 years ago, I decided to take plunge and upgrade my phone. MISTAKE!!! Since then, I continuously had dropped calls. Call Failed! Call Failed! Call Failed! I reached out to this company several to no avail. No one was able to resolve the issue. They can clearly see that I repeatedly have to call people back, or they have to do so!

Fast tracking to a couple weeks ago, I experienced a power outage for a few days. I thought I could rely on my cellphone internet, BUT boy I was wrong. I experienced challenges with webpages partially loading or not at all. During this time, I received notification that I used ALL my data roughly a week into my new billing cycle. What!!! This is a gimmick to get me to upgrade my plan. I spoke to numerous people including someone in Executive Relations but didn't receive a viable resolution. He refused to escalate my concerns. I tried to reach out to the Executive Leadership twice but have yet to receive correspondence. You don't even want to know my supposed overages at this point. 

Should I pay top dollar for poor reception, bogus overages and lackluster customer service?!? Another customer bites the dust!

Re: Customer Service Doesn't Live Here!!!
Customer Service Rep

Hello, They_Do_Not_Care. We want to ensure you receive the help you need to resolve this issue. We are sending you a Private Note to assist you further.