Customer Service Rep won't let me talk to manager!?
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I had a crazy customer service experience today where a rep named Jimmy, almost refused to let me talk to his manager! It was insane - he was like she can't help you only I can. I was shocked, so I kept asking I want to speak with your manager and he goes she's too busy! I couldn't believe it and asked him why he wouldn't let me speak to his manager and he goes only I can help you! I was baffled, so I continued asking and he finally goes fine let me see if shes available - puts me on hold - and then comes back and goes she's too busy. I told him I'd wait, and then he puts me on hold again and goes she can't talk to you right now, but I'll give her your number to call you back later!

So it's literally impossible to speak to a manager at Verizon Wireless. I'm getting pretty upset now. You made a mistake a couple months back and sent me a bill that was over $20,000, now this - how much longer are customers going to be treated like this?

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Re: Customer Service Rep won't let me talk to manager!?

I have the same problem, the rep refuses ti connect me with his supervisor, what can I do about this?

Re: Customer Service Rep won't let me talk to manager!?
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We would never want to see you unable to get the support you need. While we would hope our first agent could solve your concerns, if you don't feel they have been able to we would want to make sure you get in touch with someone higher up. That would sometimes involve a call back as they may not be available at that moment, but we would want that to be set up for you when needed. What is the reason you're needing to speak to a manager? How can we help turn this experience around?