Customer Service highs and lows
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I am exhausted after spending an hour+ with 3 different agents to deal with what seemed like a straight-forward request. I’m sharing this story in the hope of helping direct Verizon’s customer support team’s training efforts where needed and to give props to the agent who fixed everything.

The reason for my call was to disconnect one line, then upgrade the plan for our remaining 4 phone lines. I first reached James in Sales, who was very helpful and walked me through the plan upgrade details, but then needed to transfer me to "customer care" because of the line disconnect.  It went downhill from there...

Francine in customer care assured me the line was disconnected and then moved on to do the plan upgrade. She quoted a higher price than James, so I reminded/asked about the discount. She said that was the discounted price, so I referred back to my notes from James to name the specific discounts and she eventually said she applied these discounts and confirmed the pricing that James had quoted. She did the upgrade, then our call was dropped and she didn’t call me back.

When I got the plan change confirmation email, I saw that the line was NOT disconnected and in fact was upgraded!!  AND the new monthly charges were higher than the quoted discounted amount that she'd confirmed, so she either lied or was super mistaken.

So I called back again and Vasuda (super helpful, very competent) corrected the line disconnect, at my request credited the unexpected/unapproved upgrade charge on that line, and applied the loyalty discount that Francine didn't actually add 😒   

Finally my saga is over, until I need support again.... so to summarize:

- Francine was nice enough but made multiple mistakes that frustrated me and wasted a good deal of my time, and that would have led to a lot of overcharges had I not caught it!  Either she needs more training or she may not be in the right role. 

- Vasuda acknowledged my concerns with patience and understanding, then efficiently took the necessary steps to resolve everything to my satisfaction. I wish I had talked to Vasuda to begin with, and I really hope the next time I need to contact support that I can talk to someone like her.

Re: Customer Service highs and lows
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Hi, oregonsunray! Thanks for bringing this to our concern. We're glad to hear you reached a resolution. Are you able to send us a private message for further assistance?