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In July I erroneously added a discount from my employer to my Verizon plan.  This 'discount' erased all my current plan discounts (military, etc) and has cause complete and utter frustration and lack of help since then.

I was told by no less than 3 customer service reps (via phone and chat) that the military discount would be re-applied and I would get a back-credit for it, but it takes a billing period to kick it in.  Multiple billing periods later...NOTHING.  So my bill has been higher than normal.  

Then told I have to re-register for the military discount and it will be applied.  Did that, and no.

We call customer service and get put on hold and disconnected, we try to chat and the chats are dropped after waiting to talk to a rep.

AND THEN our account gets hacked and someone gets a couple new iphones through our account and fraud has our account locked up and is unable to resolve ANYTHING.

4+ months of problems and paying more. And the latest, "oh the military discount is reduced now".  Oh now that it's been off our account and noone has done a thing to have it reinstated.

The ONLY helpful person has been and our local authorized retailer and even they are at a loss for the inept lack of service.

I feel pretty confident in saying that if things aren't resolved soon, we're taking all 6 of our lines and multiple devices over to AT&T and see how things are there, cause it isn't happening here.

nearing the end of the rope with Verizon wireless.  

Re: Customer Service or lack of
Customer Service Rep

We're truly sorry to hear about the issues you have been having recently. We would like to clarify a few things. Has the military discount been added back to your account? Have you worked with our fraud team regarding the devices that were ordered?


Re: Customer Service or lack of
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We received a confirmation that the military discount was re-applied to the account however, I do not have confirmation that we get our 'original' $40 discount and NOT the more recent decreased military discount.

We have spoken with fraud services and our local verizon authorized retailer has been on the phone numerous times for HOURS attempting to get this rectified so we can get a new phone for our son.

No luck there by anyone.

Noone follows through with anything and half the time calls are 'dropped' after being on hold forever.

Extremely disappointing.

America's largest network and smallest customer service.