Customer Service won’t help
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I ordered phones via chat on 12/20/20 as there was a BOGO offer plus rebate that was attractive.  I didn’t know if I’d be eligible for the promo as I was a prepaid customer.  I contacted sales via chat and was told I’d be eligible for the rebate and signed up only to have the rebate denied after the return period was over.

I contacted customer service via chat, who refused to locate the chat and also refused to provide any information regarding a sales contact that could locate the representative providing what verizon is claiming to be bad information.  To add further insult, the rep I was trying to work with completely stopped answering my messages when I requested the chat ID.  UNBELIEVABLE 

Who can I talk to that will actually look up this information?  There is a serious issue when reps are lying to close sales and staff are refusing to help fix the issue.  Had I not been eligible for the rebate, there’s absolutely no way I would have purchased the phones. 

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Prepaid accounts aren't eligible for device financing which is a part of a BOGO deal.

Re: Customer Service won’t help
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Leslieamc1, regrettably the promotions are only for postpaid accounts. We are sorry that you were misinformed. We will ensure this feedback gets uplifted through the appropriate channels. Is there anything that we can help you with here? If so, please send us a Private Note to get started. BrittanyC_VZW