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I contacted Verizon customer service today.   I was calling to see if I could get a discount or credit on my upgrade fees.. The 1st person I spoke with offered me a partial discount but I had a hard time understanding him. I asked to speak with a supervisor to see if I could understand them better or get a full credit.  I waited on hold for a very long time to speak with  the supervisor. I had an even harder time understanding the supervisor than I did the 1st representative I spoke with.   I told them I had never had an issue before with getting upgrade fees waived. I have been a long time customer and always pay my bill on time.  I was frustrated with not being able to understand him fully and feeling like he was getting rude which caused me to lose my cool also.  I finally asked to speak with someone in the United States so that I could better understand. He told me there was no one else I could speak with he was the supervisor. In frustration I finally just said goodbye.  I called back and spoke to someone who told me that I had reached my limit of credits on my account. I didn't understand this when I had been offered a partial discount just a few minutes earlier. I called back again and spoke with someone else and they said that my account had been documented by a supervisor that I refused two offers therefore nothing could be done to help me at this point . I tried to explain to her that I didn't refuse any offer I just asked to speak with someone that I could better understand. I'm now being penalized because of what the supervisor documented on my account. I feel that he  falsified this information because I never rejected an offer.  Now I'm quite sure my account has been red flagged & I'll never get good customer service because of what he put on my account...

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It is critical that we treat our customers with dignity and respect, pdmmoore. We must also always be honest with what we do. I have sent a private note, so we can set up account access and we can help sort all of this out.