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I have had an extremely difficult time trying to upgrade my phone.


I had an upgrade available. I went online, picked the upgrade, and entered my shipping address and submitted. Afterwards, I noticed the shipping address was incorrect - the package was going to be delivered to the main shipping address on this account, not the one I entered. I immediately called customer service, and the representative advised me there was no possible way to change the shipping address on that order. The rep said we could cancel that order, and just simply being a new one, which seemed fine. It took about an hour to get this all done but the rep said the first order had been cancelled, the second was complete, and I should receive my phone in 2 business days.

I checked the website constantly for updates, but the first order said "Pending" while the second said "On Hold" for about 24 hours. I called again Monday night and the rep said the first will definitely be cancelled and the second will ship when that's finished. That was frustrating because I wanted to have my new phone as soon as possible, but there was nothing to be done so I waited.


I checked again in the morning and the first order had changed from "Pending" to "Processing" while the second was still "On Hold." Again I called customer service, and they agreed that was odd. They submitted a cancellation request for the first one again and said the second one should be processing soon.

A few hours later, the first order said "Shipped" and the second was still "On Hold." I called for the fourth time in two days, and the rep advised me they could change the shipping address on the first order and cancel the second. If that was possible, why was as second order needed after all? The rep said because they couldn't modify the shipping address until after it had shipped. Still, that would've been relevant information during my first call which would've avoided the need for a second order. This rep said they would cancel the second order now and reroute the first and they assured me that since I had called right when it had been shipped, the request would make it to UPS on time. I also requested confirmation that the second order had been actually cancelled since this process hadn't worked before. The rep texted me shortly after confirming the first order had been cancelled.

I checked the status later that night to find the first order was still en route to the initial address. I called UPS and they said they had no record of a change of address request, and I couldn't request it, Verizon had to. So I called Verizon again and spoke with several people, who then assured me the request had been sent to UPS and they will definitely reroute it, and the second order was definitely cancelled.


Despite the confirmation, the statuses remained the same online. The first order was en route to the wrong address and the second was "On Hold."


In the morning, I found out that the first order (the shipped one) was now in limbo for some reason, headed to a "UPS Access Point." I took this as a good sign, that maybe the change of address request had made it there and this was just the in-between stage for rerouting it to my address. The second order is still on my account, "On Hold." My tentative hopes were then squashed when I learned that the shipped package had been dropped, inexplicably, at this Access Point near the wrong address which I may not have mentioned is in another state, several hours away.

I called UPS - they again had no record of a change of address request and couldn't help me in the slightest, naturally. I called Verizon and spoke with a representative who had me on the phone for over an hour, with most of that time on hold. They would pop in, say something they were doing, and then put me back on hold for 10-15 minutes at at time, regardless of the fact that at this point I was shouting "WAIT!" every time because I had to get back to work. The representative and manager told me that they were going to now cancel the first two orders and issue a third for overnight delivery. I advised them that this strategy so far had had a zero success rate and the rep then said "Hold for one moment" and put me back on hold for 10 more minutes. They eventually returned and said they were going through with this plan, assured me (ha!) that the two former orders would definitely be cancelled and they would send one to the correct address for overnight delivery (they waived the 14.99 shipping fee as if that would make up for the hours and hours I've lost on the phone with over 10 different reps). I advised them that it wouldn't work, that based on this very recent experience, the third order was going to end up on hold and just add to the problems. They told me this definitely wouldn't be the case, and the first two would absolutely be cancelled. The delivery was set for 10:30 am the next day (a Friday) so I gave them my work address, because it required a signature and, like most people, I won't be home at 10:30 am on a weekday.


I check the status in the morning - low and behold, the third order is "On Hold," as I said it would be. I called again and the rep said they would release it from this hold and resend it for overnight delivery tomorrow. Obviously this is ridiculous because no one is going to be at the office at 10:30 am on a Saturday to sign for this package. However, I couldn't have the shipping address changed, nor the delivery time, I could only CANCEL THAT ORDER AND START A FOURTH ONE. Mind you, not a single one of the previous orders has successfully been cancelled. I had to pay for the third on my card because the system wouldn't let me bill a third phone to the account with two others still there (the first still sitting at a random UPS Access Point over four hours from it's correct destination).

So, I had to run around my office to see if anyone would be here tomorrow to sign for the package. Someone would be - so I asked if I could provide that name and number that they could call to come down (since mail services would be closed) and sign for the package. Verizon isn't able to do that either. So, as it stands, I will now be at my office (a casual 45 minutes away from my home) at 10:30 am on a Saturday morning waiting for a package that odds are probably won't even show up.

In addition, because I spoke to so many different people, and they have no communication within the customer services department, I had to explain all of this to a rep every single time. This was a ridiculous and extremely frustrating experience. And the only thing Verizon did for me throughout was waive the 14.99 overnight shipping fee on an order that didn't get shipped until a day later and will now be shipped to my workplace on a Saturday morning requiring a signature. Absurdity!

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Cullen952 this is not the situation we ever want you to have to go through, I apologize to you for this whole experience. You have been extremely patient and I want to make sure you receive your phone as expected. I am going to connect with you directly thorough your handle so we can make sure all of the avenues are being processed correctly.
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I feel your pain...... I know what you're going thru.