Customer Support

The horrible customer service is something I cant tolerate anymore. I have reported Verizon to the better business bureau three times. I may have to report again. I cant get their attention and my issues fixed any other way. The representatives are horrible. I do not know who trains them or who creates these systems but I am petrified every time something goes wrong with my service (which is often now) and I have to call them. I know it will be hours on the phone on hold, getting hung up on, gettin transferred, being lied to, being promised a phone call back by someone who can fix the issue and never getting it, repeating the issue I am having 16 times because they dont read the notes or there are no notes, telling me they are creating a "ticket" which usually goes nowhere, reps apologizing every 10 seconds and resolving nothing, giving wrong information, and nothing ever getting done. What is the point of even having this customer support? Nothing ever gets resolved, I am usually just begging agents for help and they have no idea how to . Even better is the social media help where the rep answers ever ten minutes. It could go on all day just to find what the issue is because they are not receiving the comment in real time.  Im done. Im moving to at & t.  A week ago it was nonsense about my travel pass which never got resolved and today I have no SMS messages working and I cant get into any applications due to it.  I HAVE BEGGED ALL DAY FOR THESE REPS TO HELP !!!!! I give up. Done.