Customer of 15+ years - 222 minutes on hold
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Hope someone at Verizon who cares reads my feedback. I have only had Verizon service since my first cellphone at 14 years old, and when I got my own plan I chose to stay with Verizon. I manage an apartment building that I also live in and I never have coverage. I constantly miss calls/unable to send texts, and I can’t use my phone unless I am connected to WiFi. I reported this to Verizon on 7/2, I was sent a SIM card and network extender. The SIM card made no difference and the network extender never arrived. I have spent 222 minutes on hold with Verizon (not including time spend with FedEx), and no resolution has been offered. Every package that is delivered to my apartment goes through me, yet I’m repeatedly told that it was delivered (“delivered” 4 times since 7/6) and that I would need to pay for a replacement extender that might not even be a solution. I spent three hours on hold today, and again by the time an “agent” answered I was told tier 2 tech support was no longer available. I have also learned that the basic unlimited plan (significantly more expensive than all other carries), will have compromised data in areas of congestion (live within blocks of postponed DNC) . I am one of Verizon’s most profitable customers (plan is essentially leftover data), and even though I use minimal data (.71gs the last two weeks) the only guaranteed fix is to upgrade to a more expensive plan?! Absurd.  Why would anyone pay more for service when in one day they spent 3 hours trying to reach a representative. If you’re going to charge premium rates, you need to offer excellent service. I explained my issues with a customer service representative tonight and that I was ready to activate the SIM card I received from another carrier. After being on hold 1.5 hours she had a surprising lack of concern that a 15 year verizon was switching carriers. She said I must have called the wrong number...and then I spent another hour on hold waiting for tech. That was just one interaction with your support, I’ve called everyday since 7/6. I will not continue to pay premium rates to a company that has zero value for profitable long term customers. Even if service doesn’t improve with different carrier, their representatives don’t imply that my single line costing $150 isn’t worthy of good coverage. 

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Spaces, utilize them. That wall of text hurt my eyes. 

I'm also a long time customer and the reality is loyalty to a company is meaningless. This isn't a utility company, you have options to pick a provider. Rep probably didn't care because they don't get paid enough to care. It's a thankless position.

Personally wouldn't blame them. My time is more valuable than wasting it to be irate at strangers in another state. AT&T would be your next big carrier.

PS: A rep isn't responsible for where you live or what coverage you get. If you had good coverage before and not now, time to move on. That's a better use of time than expecting a miracle in a poor overly congested area.

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Thank you for highlighting issues in the grammar used. That’s a fairly remedial way to invalidate a strangers concerns. 

Is that enough space? Verizon has an obligation to deliver the agreed services. If it is believed these services are not being delivered, it is also the companies responsibility to exhaust all possible solutions. 

I have worked in hotel and property management for 15 years. So, yes I am well aware they are probably underpaid. This is not an excuse for poor service. An immediate answer is not always possible, but it is a reasonable expectation to be directed to someone with a solution. This is called service recovery. Companies that provide efficient service recovery retain more customers, even when compared to a flawless experience. 

Large companies don’t value loyal customers? Are you completely unaware of what a loyalty program is? I don’t think much else needs to be said about that. 

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Updated- I was also told by tech that a possible solution would be to replace my device. I explained that if there was a chance the network extender would not solve the issue, it is unreasonable after two weeks to ask that I continue to wait for a claim to be processed. I requested that in the meantime a new device shipped. I was told this was only something tier 2 could do, despite explaining that I cannot get through to tier 2. I would assume the loss of a profitable customer would trigger a representative to exhaust all possible options to retain or solve the issue.