Customer service is atrocious

I'll save the big rant, but the customer service and Verizon purchasing experience has been a nightmare.  We've been customers for almost 17 years and we are cancelling our service based on the last 24 hours.  They have been misleading on promotions and cost of service and unapologetically unhelpful when they botched a line activation.

Is there a way to get access to a previous customer care chat session? 

Not that it will matter because customer service truly couldn't care if they lied about a payment amount in chat, but it will at least show that I'm right.  

Re: Customer service is atrocious
Customer Service Rep

We appreciate your loyalty, TheAlbatross, and would love the opportunity to look into this in depth for you. Which messaging platform were you using to communicate with one of our representatives (Chat on the website, Facebook PM, Twitter DM)? Please send us a Private Note.