Customer service is getting worse

I just want to tell you all the community that the customer service has been falling each time more and more. I’ve been Verizon customer for 7 years and never had had an issue like that. I wanted to take advantage of a promotion that they offer directly to 2 of my 7 accounts. When I tried to do it by myself the promotions changed at the moment of the checkout (of course for something less that they was offering me at the beginning) I decided to contact the representative to make the orders by them they confirm the promotions and do the order for me. However the representative didn’t let me take the option for pick up. Only delivery and put full restrictions which didn’t allow me to update anything. Also they put the wrong address so the shipping never will be delivered in my address. I contacted immediately when I saw the wrong address and they said that they fixed but was a lie because the wrong address kept in the order. Then I tried to talk with a manager or supervisor and they never send me with one. They were just playing with me and put me on hold for more than an hour. They didn’t care that I’m a customer with more that 7 years and with 7 lines. All this happened this week. Hope an manager or supervisor can see this message and contact me before I move all my 7 lines to an other company. For all of you I recommend to be careful with the representative that assist you on any order.