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Hello to all.  My experience with Verizon has been anything but tragic. I first signed up in August, to get there Sunday football ticket. Little did I know it'd be 4 months later that I'm still dealing with the problems at hand. I will state my aggravation to say.  I was told that I could get the Sunday ticket with the Google seven pro and watch. First, the person that came out to set up the router didn't know how l, not a problem. I know how to do it myself. Second, the setup process for the Sunday ticket is long, tedious and confusing and I'm an IT specialist. After 4 hours of dealing with customer service I gave up because they couldn't install it correctly and it did not work with Sling TV. That being YouTube TV which no one told me that I would ever have to deal with. Third first phone had problems. Many problems sent it back. Second phone. More problems sent it back with the very small Google watch. Now on third Google phone that overheats so much that I have to put it down and talk on speaker. Verizon didn't apply any of the services that I applied and qualified for, and continue to charge me for 4 months later. I've asked Verizon several times to get my bill straight so that I can pay the correct bill without being overcharged. As we speak, my account with Verizon has had so many people's hands in the cookie jar that I refuse to continue. I asked for them to change my due date so that they I repeat they can get my bill straight which they cannot seem to. And dealing with customer service for over 30 years. I've always had to believe that you win more with sugar than you do. Vinegar however, Verizon doesn't seem to know that. Even though it's a business and that is understood, he should always put the customer first and you need to upcharge and sell second. I will not condone Verizon's business practices because I don't believe in treating people like this. They want you to believe that this is a monopoly but it is not. I will just take my services elsewhere back to Xfinity where I had been for 6 years. Just to try new service that I shouldn't have. I'm not one to complain. I just take my business elsewhere which I will. And when I see future Verizon commercials. Rest assure I will not even think about going back. An incredibly bad experience. I expected better. 



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Customer Service Rep

We're terribly sorry for the experience you have encountered. We would like to help you with this as much as we can. We will be sending you a private note to further assist.