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I have a phone that has died.  I have now worked with 4 different customer service representatives  and have had to schedule yet another customer service call.  Although all of them have been very nice each one has either had to pass me on to someone else or has made the problem worse.  My goal is to replace the inoperable phone with a new one.   This is where things currently stand and why I have had to schedule yet another call:  I now have a new phone on the way but it is assigned to the phone number that my mother uses not the number of the dead phone.  On my new estimated billing for the first complete month I am being charged twice for the same date range for the new phone that is assigned to the wrong number.   I was told that there is no problem because I can just move the sim card from the dead phone to the new phone.  Opened up the old, old flip phone and couldn't find anything that remotely resembles a sim card.  What a mess.  Have been with Verizon a long time, only carrier I have used and first time I have had this kind of problem.  I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!  Wish me luck for tomorrow when I try to straighten this out, it will be day 3.

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That certainly sounds like quite a frustrating situation, and we definitely want to ensure you have a working phone in your hands as soon as possible. With the old phone being a flip phone, it would be best to use the pre-installed SIM card with the new phone and we can activate it on any line for the account. The activation can also be done via My Verizon by swapping the device on your line using the device ID and SIM card number for the new phone.