Data percentage
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I am extremely upset with Customer Service. My data reloaded 7/17. I have 16 GB.  On Vzw end they showed I had 142% data, 16 out of 19%. I was given Xtra 3% promotion last month bc I WFH.  But on MY Verizon app & website it showed me having only 84% data. I have been given run-around, told website was down, given ticket #, which was closed, but the problem with the % is still not corrected. I was repeatedly told it doesn't matter bc the GB are correct. That's unacceptable. I don't pay $ to decipher decimals. it matters to me to check my data use. I spoke to a supv. today who stated "I need help" & she couldn't fix it, and told by Twitter support to call Tier 2 and then given the wrong phone #.  And no one apologized to me. Why is it so hard to fix the problem? I just paid $55 for a month of not unlimited data. The unlimited plan costs $65/month plus $5 for mobile hot spot, plus tax! I got an email from AOL service saying they have a Yahoo mobile plan 39.99 /month unlimited. Can anyone fix this so my data ,% is accurate on my app before I have to call the Tier 2 # whatever that is