Dead Zone Geismar, LA

I have notified Verizon Customer Service multiple times about dead zone. Once you turn on to Highway 3115 off of Highway 74 in Geismar, LA.  This has been an issue for months and nothing has been done about it.  The dead zone lasts all the way down 3115 to the levee.  There are multiple plants down this road and a large number of Verizon customers.  One of the plants is about to cancel there company service contract and switch to another carrier because of the dead area. Can Verizon please look into this issue and reply back with how long it is going to take to resolve this massive issue.

Re: Dead Zone Geismar, LA
Customer Service Rep

As a valued customer, your service concerns are our concerns too. We thank you for having notified our representatives about servcie issues in Geismar, LA (e.,g., once you turn on to Highway 3115 off of Highway 74).


Dead zones are not the experience we ever want for any of our customers. I apologize for your inconvenience and we're here to help.


Noting that you've previously contacted our Customer Service about the service issues in and around the area you've shared with our team (Zip code 70734), was there troubleshooting initiated with you? Was there a ticket filed for you by our Network Bureau Team?


-Robert C.