Dear Financial Services

Been calling since last month about Verizons mistake. Hung up on multiple times "dropped calls", new employees who did not know the answer telling me to call another number instead, transferred to other services who were not available. All to be told they understand an employee made a mistake when 'accidentally' creating another account under my SSN but we still need to pay $800 out of pocket! When telling the financial services why is my account in collections? They are stating it was another account made (made by the Verizon employee) went into default.  Hm how am I supposed to make payments on an account I had no idea about, now my credit has been going down and they are stating the only way to remove it is to pay in full! I have talked to easily 50 employees by Verizon who agree it was not my mistake but have no idea how to proceed. No mailing address was attached, had no letters stating I had a default account. Only found this out when I tried adding my significant other to my account and had zero credit. Utterly ridiculous to be told "we understand it is our employees fault but the Iphone 12 (which I got under the deal switch lines with us and get iphone12 on us) still needs to be paid in full immediately. 

I asked to speak to a manager please because this makes no sense. I am told no one is available and I must be around my phone and they may call within 24 hours? I am so confused and understand it is not those employees faults. However, now I am paying for someone elses mistake? On top of it all they denied my collections dispute because they felt it was fair for me to pay in full!

Please make this make sense. My significant other just wants a new phone since her iphone 7 has not worked for a few weeks at this point. No one will help and I am beyond frustrated.!

Re: Dear Financial Services
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Shane, we are here. Was there still a question we can address? 

- Jose