Deceptive business practice - sales rep Deborah on chat
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I just wanted to share my horrible experience with sales reps on chat.
I wanted to get an IPhone XR for my daughter and there was a promotion $150 off but apparently you could get it only if you open a new line. I didn't know about that at that time, I just asked sales rep (Deborah) what promotions they have. I'VE ASKED TWICE if that promotion works when I just upgrade one of my devices. She confirmed that (I do have screenshots with her answer) and she placed that order for me.
I've received a confirmation and guess what it was for a full price without any promotion and besides that she didn't even mention that there were other promotions for other IPhone models too. After I found out about that wrong order I connected with another sales rep (Roslana) and she had to cancel that first order and she placed a new order for Iphone XR with a new line and I got it with a $150 off promotion. She also did not mention that there were other promotions. After placing that order I found out that the same promotion applies to IPhone 11 and I can get a better phone if I spend a little bit more money, but guess what she couldn't place a new order for that IPhone 11 because my account was put on hold because it had 2 pending orders 1st one for XR (cancellation takes a few days) and the 2nd one that she just placed. She said that once I get XR I can go to store and change that to Iphone 11 but guess what the promotion for Iphone 11 is gone and I won't be able to get it.
My advice to you, DO NOT TRUST any sales rep, check twice everything, it was my mistake that I did it.
That actually might even end up better for me because I've checked T-Mobile and I am going to switch my 5 lines.