Declining Cell Service Signal

We are in Summerville SC, zip code 29485.  When we moved here 5 years to a growing community, our cell service was outstanding.  We, along with many neighbors did complain about service in our homes, which we attributed to our Hardie Plank concrete siding.  Verizon was nice enough to provide us with network extenders which helped immensely.  As time went on, signals began to decline.  It is now at the point where I cannot carry on a conversation outside my home walking through the neighborhood.  It is so bad that my home alarm system ceased working as the alarm company was using a Verizon SIM card in the unit.  Many of our neighbors, who once used Verizon, have gone over to T Mobile which has great coverage here.  I’m a long time Verizon Wireless customer and love the service I have received all over the US as well as Mexico, Jamaica and various countries in Europe.  I am trying very hard to not switch to T Mobile and am holding out hope that something is currently in the works to boost service in our neighborhood which is growing and will eventually be close to 10,000 homes, not to mention current neighboring developments as well as future developments that will bring in another 2 to 3 thousand home.  HELP!!!!!!

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