Declining wireless voice and data quality
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Too many similar posts on this topic from too many different states and zips. VZ quality and coverage is declining significantly in areas that were not a problem a year or two ago. I switched to Verizon about 20 years ago regardless of cost because they easily had the best coverage and most reliable service almost everywhere. This is easily no longer true and ATT is doing better in my area in north suburbs of TX (75033 and 75034). I expect a reply like "we don't want to lose you as customer, let's private message" since I have seen hundreds of similar posts with the same canned response but it would be nice to see a real answer from someone technical and competent rather than another deflection of the problem. My assumption is they are either cutting corners or totally botching the 5G rollout or bought the wrong spectrum, etc.

Re: Declining wireless voice and data quality
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Good morning, irehmert. Please be assured that our only goal is to provide you with the best possible service everywhere and always. We want you to have an excellent experience, and while several factors outside of our control (confirm at this link can impact service at any time, we would love an opportunity to check this further for you. Please reply to the private message that we sent you and we'll be happy to assist you further and explore options to improve your wireless service experience.