Defective Ellipsis jetpack -4th defective one since June 2016
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I just received yet another defective Ellipsis jetpack my 4th since June 2016. I cannot believe Verizon is still in business with the poor

QC and lack of communication and all around poor customer service. I have been made to troubleshoot, reboot, factory reboot, and charge

and recharge my jetpack but it continues to either not keep its charge or the SIM card refuses to configure to the network. The "tech" support

people are pathetic as well since they continue to ask me the same troubleshooting questions and when these are exhausted their answer is to send yet another jetpack. A tech support person to whom I spoke last night assured me that the 4th device was the charm and she would call me this evening at 9 PM CST to check to see whether the device worked. It is now 9:38 CST I have received no such call from Verizon. PROMISES! PROMISES! The tech support person sent me a "new" jetpack and a new charging cord but neglected to send a new SIM card. The old SIM card is not recognized by the "New" jetpack. What a bunch of crap! The VERIZON CLOWN CAR is quickly filling up to maximum capacity! I have received my 4th defective jetpack today and I am still unable to use it! I would like to know why this is acceptable to Verizon because it is not acceptable to me! Verizon, wake up! I do not have a contract for 2 cellphones and I can drop you at any time!

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