Degradation of phone service through Verizon

Do I ever get credit for 'no service' and if Verizon needs to use my WiFi (which I pay another company for this service) do I get a credit. Verizon since their inception has messed up. I have had continuous problems from their Media company to being charged for no DSL and then contacting my State just to continue service for the next six months before Verizon refunded a charge that should never have been.  I mail my bill and now I get reminders my bill is due when my check is in the mail.  I haven't been late, yet. But probably Verizon will start delaying opening their mail just to start getting late charges as some credit cards attempt to do. Funny thing the customers can see when the mail arrives and when check are cashed. The media company charged me just  because I verified my address  - fortunately the tape recordings they made for verification had no promise from me. The number of dropped calls throughout the day is ridiculous. In an hour I can easily experienced three dropped calls. 10 years ago, when I turned off my DSL for a business line, Verizon turned off my main line off at Verizon's office then wanted to charge me $175 to come out and fix the problem - I found a local Verizon tech to verify that my line was cut off in the office by directing him to the opened Verizon shed with the terminals. I was right. He was able to get my service turned on at the main office free of charge since the office turned the line off.  I switched carried once and had to change my phone number just to get my service back the next day. These games the telecom companies played and play are silly. The the Verizon locks on the phones I buy seem unethical not allowing me to switch carriers using the phone I bought. I had a business land line at my home office and another business line 10 miles up the road. The phone line at my home became unusable where Verizon supposedly fixed it. Eventually, Verizon stopped charging me for over a year; but I still could get voicemail - i needed a phone line.  I had to give out my personal cell number for business which I did not like doing. I was concerned I would loose my business line, so I repeatedly contacted Verizon about this missing billing. Verizon was totally STUPID and did not even see I had an open account yet my phone was still active. Huh? All of the lines in this area fell apart, I believe intentionally. Verizon merged soon after combining Verizon landline with the wireless. I moved to a rural area. No landlines are in this 1955 town house. Verizon wants to eliminate all landlines. Landlines provided 24/7 service even during electric outages. Why? Verizon bought up all of the local landlines in the U.S. and has stopped this essential service. Verizon should have left well enough alone and just become an Internet company instead. We need our landlines! at all times! Verizon charging $92/month just for service then additional for each phone. I have two phones here and one only works. My other phone is a business line and I need this to work, too. I use the internet for online stuff. I use the phone strictly as a phone, especially my business line. I do no photography, no texting, no email - just phone for my business. I get a message on this phone to connect to my WiFi for better service; but I do not use the Internet on this phone; besides my other phone connected to WiFi also yesterday before noon that phone had 'no service.' I went on line to contact Verizon. They have a two step process sending my a text link to verify my sign in - Verizon must be stupid NO SERVICE means  NO SERVICE  - I also cannot send or received text. I want consistent service or else start giving out refunds for Verizon's inadequacies. In truth Verizon needs to get out of the phone service. In 20 years, Verizon ruined the phone service in the U.S. Federal Trade and the Federal Communication Commission need to thoroughly investigate Verizon's operation and their intent. They are making citizen's feel unsafe.

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