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I'm not usually one to complain however, I was so discussed with John at the White Street store in York, I had to say something! A few months back I walked in this same store in consideration for a new phone. The phone I had, I was absolutely in love with and just wasn't ready to give it up yet. While I was there I met with John who was very professional at that visit. I decided to wait and John took my phone and put his number is and said to call him when I was ready. So I did just that. I had an appointment go come in and discuss my options. I got there early and he was assisting another customer. I was in no rush! He checked on me from time to time which was great. It let me know he hasn't forgot about  me. He brings over a few of the Galexy phone since that was what I inquired on. When he came back to check on me I inquired on using the restroom. He points it out and the proceeds to ask me if I filed my taxes yet..... I told him no. He was all so surprised and stared to explain the startup could be pricey. So to imply I can't afford a phone without filing my taxes??? I paused and just went to the restroom. I couldn't go back out and speak to him. I just walked out the door and said nothing. I was going to drop the service as a whole ofter that as I was prepaid at the time and wanted to switch to a wireless account. I chose to go to another location on rt 30. I had the best experience ever. I got exactly what I wanted. Blows for John who would have got commission on that sale as I coincidentally have good credit. I'm complaining because nobody should have to go through that. He should have NEVER parted his lips to say anything except how can I help you. It's sad because people complain about him and I gave him the benefit of the doubt only to find out they were ABSOLUTLY CORRECT! For Verizon being so awesome he is a disgrace to the company!

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Re: Degrating Service
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Thank you for reaching out to us. First, I would like to say I am sorry to hear of this. We never want our customers to be treated this way, it is definitely not our normal practice, to ask about our customers taxes. I am happy to hear that you were able to find a store, that could be professional, and provide you with the customer service we expect from our representatives. I would be happy to file a complaint on your behalf.