Denied refund

I upgraded my wife's phone and watch, had the two day shipping. The stuff didn't come for almost a week but was promised by Verizon on the 28th. The shipping information wasn't updating, so I called on 12/28/22 to see where they were and let them know I was frustrated. The lady was patient and kind and offered a refund of what I had spent if my packages didn't come by the promised date, which they did not. I called again on 12/29/22 to let them know I did not receive the order on the 28th. The lady assured me that I'd get my refund. I called today, 1/9/23, to see if the refund had been processed. Apparently it was denied. I asked to speak to a supervisor, which the representative spoke very condescending to me trying to tell me it would do no good, even though what was told to me should be legally binding since an offer was made and accepted.

Re: Denied refund
Customer Service Rep

GunnarB, You have my sincerest apologies that the upgrade experience was not a smooth process for you. Our goal is to help get things straightened out and mend our relationship. Quick question, did the representative state that they notated that we would waive the shipping fee for you? If you’re not sure, no worries. We can find out another way.