Device Promotional Credit Cancelled After Trade-In
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In order to upgrade for an iPhone 14 promotion, I was required to upgrade my wife's plan to 5G Get More, which I did. The trade in credit was applied after the device was sent in and approved. The next month's payment was fine. Received this email below (second screenshot). Verizon bait and switched me when I first came over with promo credit not applying. I had email traffic and an order that showed a bill credit, but because I didn't finance, it somehow didn't apply (took about 20 phone calls over 3 months to actually find a resolution). So, suffice to say, I did my homework this go around.

I'm going to rage so hard if I got hoodwinked out of $800 in promo credits






Re: Device Promotional Credit Cancelled After Trade-In
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Hello, I am unable to see your screenshot. Please reply to this message so we can chat privately abot your promotion.