Device Set Up Fee
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Our local authorized Verizon Store on Shoemaker Rd in Pottstown PA ripped my 17 year old son off with the $40 set up fee. I told my son to waive that and bring the phone home to transfer data because we can, and the sales rep Will and the RUDE store manager  stated that the fee also covers my son walking into the store and requesting live help instead of handling the issues online. That is the biggest lie and I am sick that they took advantage of my minor son like that and the manager was incredibly rude and snarky mumbling long  after I was done talking to him about not charging my son bc I could still hear him in the background.  There are enough complaints about this shady set up fee practice all over this community and other on line sites! My son WAS NOT notified that he was being charged, they just started setting up his phone WITHOUT telling him. If you are going to charge your customers $40 to walk in the door you need to get them to sign authorization for that!! That is illegal. 

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