Device Support Feedback

Hey VZW - Some feedback on device support.  The current process you've got is quite the run-around. 

Had a problem with my 10 day old iPhone 13. 

Apple Genius Bar sent me to Verizon store, and an in-store rep then instructed me to download 3rd party Asurion's app.  Asurion app wanted me to create an account for "trial" support services.  Ultimately a call to customer support resulted in my arranging an exchange for defective device. 

This customer experience resulted in excessive time wasted, a struggle over waiver of restocking fees, and a ton of annoyance on my part.  While it's no secret Verizon exists to generate revenue and provide value to shareholders, providing that value at the expense of your customers' satisfaction is not the strongest choice. 

My experience stands in contrast to 19 years of Verizon (previously Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile) service as a longterm subscriber, and cheapened my outlook on making a device purchase direct from VZW in the future.  You've got me on the promotional rate for the next 2 years, but after such a struggle - the likelihood of further device purchases directly from VZW are zero.

Case in point:  That my only seemingly reliable method of providing feedback is a "customer forum" rather than customer care email or a "your call is very important" hold at *611 is indicative of a reactive - not proactive - approach to customer satisfaction at VZW.