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Device Trade In Question
Enthusiast - Level 1

Good Morning All,

I just took advantage of Verizon's Black Friday special of $400 off the iPhone X for two lines on our family plan. We are trading in a phone for each line. The new phones are backordered until 12/10. However, the terms of the trade in say we need to mail our old phones back in 15 days or less. Since the receipt date of our new phones is past the 15 day mark, will Verizon grant us an extension on our trade in or is the expectation to go without phones for an extra week or so?

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Re: Device Trade In Question
Customer Service Rep

Great question, Benboy12. Allow us to offer additional clarity: you have 15 days from the activation of the new devices to return the old devices to us. This ensures that you'll have the ability to return the devices on time, and receive your Trade-In Credit. 


Re: Device Trade In Question

Does it just need to be postmarked within 15 days?

Re: Device Trade In Question
Moderator Emeritus

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