Device Trade In Status Still Not Updated after 2 months

I've tried reaching out multiple times about this issue, but haven't gotten anywhere. I switched to Verizon at the end of October and traded in my Samsung S20 Ultra using the provided trade-in kit. The package was marked as delivered a few days later, but the trade-in status page has not updated to reflect that the phone was received, nor does it show that it has been assessed. I have received confirmation through the customer support chat that it was received, but it seems to be stuck in limbo. In the meantime, I'm paying an extra $30+ per bill while waiting for this situation to unstick itself. I'm concerned that the status page shows that it has not been received, and the My Verizon App shows that I have yet to ship the device. It feels like my device is lost at this point and I'll never get the credit I'm expecting.