Disappointed Every Chance Last 12 Months

Here's my experience with Verizon over the last year.

Last February I was getting married so decided to add my soon-to-be wife to my account since she was on a T-Mobile family plan. Talked to the sales reps in store a couple times over a few days to make sure this would be the best plan, or if a fresh start with T-Mobile would be better. First sales rep laid out the options, showed that an unlimited line for my finacee would be pretty affordable and give a huge discount for a new phone on a new line. We were told we also had available discounts and credits, so in the end the plan seemed pretty reasonable. He printed out the quote, wrote notes on it so we could see the full impact, and we used that to compare prices.

We decided to stay with Verizon based on the quote, so we went back into the store to make sure everything was set up correctly as shown by the initial associate. We brought the sheet from the first rep back with us so we could reiterate the discounts and credits that the first rep mentioned were still applicable, and the second rep looked it over, said it all looked good, and went to work getting everything added to the account, including the new phone.

When we got our bill it looked like it was higher than we were expecting. We headed back to the store with the original quote, talked to a manager and showed were we were missing a $25 loyalty discount that should be on our account. The manager looked it up and said there was no discount like that on the account. I said two different sales reps said it was on there. They just said "I don't know where they would have seen that". So basically, we were lied to and have to pay more each month because there is no accountability.

July 2021, my phone seems to have bad service on occasion so I call tech support to see if there are issues with service near my home. They say there wasn't as far as they could tell, but they could do something with my sim card to try to improve the situation. They ended up disconnecting my phone from the Verizon network. I was on chat on my computer so I told them my phone now said no network connection, and they just said they would escalate the issue. Long story short, it took many conversations with support and TWO WEEKS for my phone to have service again. During that time I drove out of state, so fortunately I didn't have an emergency.

September 2021, traded in my phone to take advantage of a promotion. A month goes by and I don't see a trade in credit on my account. Contact customer service and they say I never traded in my old phone. I provide tracking information and they verify that they did in fact receive my phone, so things should be good. Next month, no credit, contact customer support again, they say it shows as received, so should be processed within 10 business days. Check back after 10 days, and support says they are on it and i should see the credit within 10 business days. Finally go into a store to see if they can help, because by this point it had been 4 months since I sent my phone into the void. They seemed hesitant, saying that based on my account I probably didn't qualify for a trade in credit. I pulled up my sales receipt and showed where it blatantly said "Promotional Credit" and valued my trade in at $800. At that point they seemed optimistic and made it sound easy. Said it takes a couple days to see if they accept their form. Followed up, was told it was "under review" and takes up to 10 business days to process. Followed up and was told still under review. Finally, 15 business days after submitting the form I got an email saying my promotional credit was applied to my account and I can view my estimated bill. I did and now it says that the credit value is only $300.

At what point does it count as stealing. There isn't even any way to protest the charges. It's "You pay what we say you have to pay or we shut your phone off" and send you to collections. So now the options are 1) Let Verizon continue to let me down after using them for 20 years, or 2) Move to a new provider and hope that signing up with them offers promotions big enough to offset our phone costs and any remaining trade in credits between the two phones since they purposely drag them out over 2 years. $300 is less than my phone was worth when I traded it in, and I could have sold it to put cash in my pocket instantly. All I know is my wife has absolutely no trust in Verizon at this point, her being a new customer and witnessing all of this in the first year. Paying an extra $25 than expected each month, and then reducing one of our trade in credits by more than half. I'm embarrassed I ever told my wife Verizon was amazing.

Re: Disappointed Every Chance Last 12 Months
Customer Service Rep

I can't apologize enough for the issues you have had, certainly this is not the experience that we want for you. I have sent you a private message, to continue, so that we can turn this around.