Disappointed in verizon mini towers
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back in February just before the shutdown, I decided to switch to Verizon.  The main reason being that I saw new towers installed all over my city.  They were these new smaller kind of towers meant for neighborhoods.  I emailed the city and they verified that they were Verizon towers.  That was back in January so I didn't switch til February.  I was disappointed to find that none of my 5 phones can see those towers, and the signal for Verizon was worse than t-mobile, so I had to rely on wifi calling to receive/make calls.  I hate that...the whole reason I switched was being able to not rely on wifi when I walk around the neighborhood etc.  
So I called verizon support, and they said they couldn't tell me anything specific about that tower, but they would send someone to look at them.  I've seen various workers working on that tower every few months...one time they removed the entire tower and filled up the hole...then they brought the tower back and reinstalled it...but despite that, there is still no signal.  Its only 500 feet from my house...why won't they turn it on?  Is it just for show?  
What bothers me the most is that verizon won't tell me anything about it.  I just want to have a ballpark idea of how long I have to wait before switching to verizon pays off.  other than the higher phone bill(it went up by 50 bucks per month)..I have experienced no benefits from switching to verizon.  
Now I did get those visa gift cards...so that was nice...but I'm thinking that means I can't even switch back to the less expensive t-mobile...I can't tell if I'm on a contract or not since I got those gift cards...anyone know if that means I'm on a contract?   eventually I'll have paid whatever those gift cards were worth, but no benefit since those towers are still off even after 9 months



Re: Disappointed in verizon mini towers
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Hearing that you are disappointed and not able to use your device when needed concerns us, Omar2. We never want any of our customers to have this  feeling or the inability to stay in contact with others. Please allow us the opportunity to look into this. Can you please send us a Private Message?