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I am trying to get an old phone number back that was disconnected from my account. There was an additional account manager that is now estranged from my family that disconnected my late husbands phone number without my knowledge. My grandson wants the phone number back to use, but upon calling Verizon customer support I was initially told it would work but was transferred to the prepaid department (I'm now a prepaid customer was post paid for over 13 years) they told me after they "tried" to get the number back that it wouldn't be possible as it is no longer in Verizon's system. What can I do because this number is very important to me.


Additional Info:

The number has been out of service for about 2 years

Re: Disconnected Phone Number

I think Verizon has done its best to tell you “not possible”, you’re just not listening. The phone number is gone, whoever it was who took the phone number is either using it or has canceled it and you can’t get it back. Unfortunately that’s the way it is, Verizon no longer has any control over the number and neither do you .


Re: Disconnected Phone Number
Customer Service Rep

bearslayer, thank you for reaching out to us. Making sure you receive accurate information is important. After a mobile number has been disconnected, you will have within 50 days to be able to reconnect that phone number. After the 50 days has been passed,  we would not be able to reconnect that mobile number as it has already been sent through our dtabase to eb recycled. We apologize for any inconvenience with this matter.