Discrimination at verizon store

I went to TCC Hilsboro Verizon store, 2227 Se Tualatin Valley Hwy on 7/23/2022 around 7 PM. I had a bad experience, i was discriminated when tried to upgrade my phone to an iphone 13 pro, first they told me that i would get only $100 at the most for a trade in of my iphone 8 64 GB, and I later checked in Verizon app and my trade in was valued at $200. Then they sent me a code to my phone to verify my identity which I was able to verify, then they asked my for my driver license and they refuse to continue with the transaction because they said the name in my account did not match exactly the name in my Verizon account. Just to clarify, my full name is long, it has two last names and  first and middle name, I always remove my second last name from all accounts including bank accounts and I also go by my middle name. The representative made a big deal and said my name does not match even though my middle name and last name, which are listed in my verizon account, appear exactly the same in my driver license, just because my name is foreign they decided they will not let me proceed with the transaction. I am sure if My name was John William Smith they would have not cared.  I did everything they asked to confirm y identity, I gave them the authorization code that was sent to my phone and provided my identification. I have been a customer from verizon for 17 years and I always show the same ID and something like this has never happened before, I have upgraded multiple phones in different stores using the same ID. I left the store and ordered the phone online with no issues and got $200 trade in value instead of the $100 value they were going to give me at the store.