Does Verizon Care about me???
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So... Bought a brand new phone in a bad service area, I get it I'm in the country. That new phone ceased to ever connect to my tower again after a windstorm.. I stupidly upgraded plans... AFTER A MONTH of messaging, calling, posting I finally got in touch with a customer service EXECUTIVE. She seemed like she was helping by sending me a little bit better phone. That I later found out has notorious connection issues... So I do it again. Day after day I'm asking what can we do, why can I not watch 144p videos in an area their coverage map says has 4glte that I pay for. They say it's congestion... Their is barely anybody that lives around me, it's just my family has a little bit better plan. So I offer to upgrade plans after all this I just need a BETTER upgrade. Not a free upgrade, just a better upgrade than I already have. Just got told "not an option. Sorry about that." Verbatim. I explain my issues again and ask what can be done abouty problems, I got told "there's nothing that can be done." 

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