Does verizon care about keeping customers happy
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My daughter and son in law ported their phones to another carrier. You would think my bill would decrease drastically. NOPE! They raised my plan rates for the remaining lines and my 1st responder discount is gone. My bill is out of control. A T & T can give me similar service at 1/2 the price. I told the agent this and they just said they couldn't do anything for me.  Unbelievable. Do you care about making your customers happy at all?

Re: Does verizon care about keeping customers happy
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Just my opinion but seems all they care about is being paid

Re: Does verizon care about keeping customers happy
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Hello, we can go over your billing with you. Please send us a Private Note to proceed, we are here to work with you.

Re: Does verizon care about keeping customers happy
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The whole point of line pricing for a lot of lines is to give you a benefit with lower line costs. This isn't a Verizon thing, they actually took the model from other carriers when before it was a steady $20 per line. Blame rival companies like T-Mobile for being unhealthily obsessed with Verizon and Verizon marketing for caving in.

Bet AT&T can't. Their rates are around the same with similar plans with number of lines. 



Their "Elite" plan for 5 lines is $45 each. Verizon's Do More/Play More plan goes for $40 with Get More at $50. Cost for a more modest two lines for their highest tier plan is $75 while Verizon would be $80 for Get more or $70 for Do/Play. I wouldn't call this 1/2 the price. 

I couldn't care less about Verizon or any carrier, but I do care about dishonesty.


As for the discount, I'd call in after getting a fresh bill that has only the remaining lines. First responder discount for a single line is $10, 2 - 3 lines would be $25 and 4 or more would be $20. The going $5 less for having over 3 doesn't make sense to me, but this post is just to provide factual info.