Domestic Violence Transfer
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My daughter was a victim of domestic violence and received a Temporary Restraining Order allowing her to transfer her wireless number and plan out of her abusers account.  After calling customer service on 8-28-18, it was faxed to 888-667-0026 and 325-949-6916, which I believe was "Legal" or "Transfer Team"?  On 9-4-18, I was contacted by "Executive Relations", 888-832-4540, saying that the court order didn't specifically list me to directly receive the account.

"Thank you for reaching back out to me in order to get this process started for you. In reviewing the documents submitted, Legal has confirmed that the courts requested that the mobile services for MTN XXX-XXX-XXX be transferred to Jane Doe from John Doe, so we would require her information in order to transfer service into her name. If the service is to be transferred into your name however, the court documents must list you as the new account owner. Once Jane's information has been provided and the account transferred to her name, she can then authorize you to assume financial responsibility if you would like to take over the line and replace her information with yours without having the documents changed. Please let me know how you wish to proceed."

After phone calls, emails, and many hours spent, I was informed that the transfer was approved.  When I called Customer Service, they said that she would need to open a new account in her name and then I could take over financial responsibility after 30 days. When I did that today, customer service said I was required to pay off the balance of her 30 day account, but worse, I had to pay over $500.00 for the balance of her device or it couldn't be transferred.  8-28-18 from initial contact, to 10-5-18 for the final transfer is unacceptable. Especially since it took 3 weeks to obtain the court order in the first place.

I was shocked at how many "hoops" they make the victim jump through with a lawful court order to be free of tracking, control, and abuse from a Restrained person?  Although my daughter has the financial resources through me to have made this transfer possible, most victims do not due to being homeless or not having the money.  No specific complaint against Customer Service, Legal Dept, or Transfer Team, since the were following Verizon's Policies and Procedures.  Hopefully, those Policies and Procedures will be reviewed by someone with the power to truly help victims of abuse.  Verizon has a appearance online with a favorable public stance and donations towards prevention of Domestic Violence, but in this case it didn't show. 

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This has absolutely nothing to do with Verizon policies and everything to do with personal credit. No agent, supervisor, or even CEO has the ability to change somebody's credit score.

If it's asking someone to pay off a device agreement to allow a transfer, the assuming party has bad credit.

I'm sorry this is difficult, but that is your issue. It's no different than a bank account in the sense if someone calls in who isn't authorized, they can't get very far. Verizon is no different. You did the leg work to get the approval given the situation, but that doesn't change individual credit to assume responsibility.

You can have ok credit and still be homeless. This case is 100% credit based or else an agreement would transfer with the usual monthly rates attached.

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Thanks for your input. Im not sure they checked my credit because my score is somewhere between 810 and 848. I have been with Verizon for 22 years from when they were Pac Bell and Cingular.  Whatever the decision was based on, the human element was taken out of it, with no specific explanation for the payoff requirement.

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Oh no, this is never the experience we want for you. I understand the importance of being able to remove that line from that previous account without having to jump through hoops. I will be sending you a private message so that we can work together to get these concerns resolved.



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