Double charges and imaginary refunds
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Did anyone else get a mysterious additional charge in the past few weeks, outside of their normal monthly billing sequence?

I spent hours in support chat, to finally be told that I was being recharged due to a previous refund. A refund which I never requested, and which my bank confirms never happened...

I spent many hours after that, trying to convince anyone at Verizon to try and confirm this imaginary refund, and then to admit their error, and correct it. No success there.

I am now in contact with my state attorney general's office about this. My question is, has anyone else had a similar experience?

Re: Double charges and imaginary refunds
Customer Service Rep

Hello, SeaMarsh. We understand the importance of knowing what you are being billed for, and having an accurate bill. We are sending you a Private Note to assist you further with your billing concern.