Dropped calls once again
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I live in zip code 80904 in Colorado Springs, CO.  For the past 3-4 days, both my spouse and I have been experiencing many dropped calls, and calls in which answering party cannot hear us. The same thing happened for 3-4 days back in May. Since we use our phones for work, we were forced to purchase a prepaid phone back in May (we chose a T-Mobile phone, which works great by the way). Today, we have no choice but to purchase another 30-day prepaid plan in order to reliably make business calls. The first time this happened (in May), I spent hours trying to find information through Verizon, and was guided in a chat session through multiple troubleshooting steps, which resolved nothing. After a few days, the problem suddenly cleared up, which leads us to believe that it was (and currently is again) a Verizon network problem. Other than these 2 times, we have had no problems with placing or receiving calls through Verizon.  It is very frustrating not being able to find any answers about what is causing this. So far, this has cost me close to $100 for the prepaid phone and plan. I see no other option than to change providers, at this point.  

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