Dropped calls

We have been with VW for over  20 years. The past 4 months we have been getting a lot of dropped calls. I called and they did a factory reset on my phone and said they would call me back after the reset and never did. Plus that did not fix the problem. We have 3 lines and all three phones have this happen. The day I’m in a congested area however nothing has changed in my area in years and I am in a more rural location. Extremely frustrating. And is there a lower rate for people in congested areas that get dropped calls daily? How do I get a true answer? 

Re: Dropped calls
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No lower rate, plan costs are consistent for every customer. 20 years is going to have a lot more subscribers since then. If the usual troubleshooting doesn't work, may be time to switch.

Re: Dropped calls
Customer Service Rep

Khoogkamprdh, please know that we truly value you as such a loyal customer of over 20-years. I would be just as upset and frustrated over the the dropped calls and bad service. I'm really sorry that we did not follow-up after the Hard Reset. 


We can certainly help you here. I'm sending you a message in Direct Message to better assist you.